2BMedical develops medical device concepts and provides consultancy and contract research to its customers.

2BMedical concept development translates ideas into ready to go concepts, with proven scientific, technical and business feasibility and a market strategy.

2BMedical will provide consultancy and contract research to its customers including business development, marketing, feasibility and due diligence studies, project and innovation management, management consultancy, clinical studies, congresses, text writing.

2BMedical will aim at:

  • Providing solutions for the benefit of patients and physicians.
  • Initiation of clinical research in fields yet unexplored.
  • Providing consultancy within fields of expertise.
  • Providing sales and marketing support.
  • Strengthening and expansion of the network including
    professional partnerships including accountancy, intellectual property and patents, law.
  • Provide support for start-up companies.
  • Support for conference participation.
  • Organizing seminars to acquire and provide knowledge.
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